FIAT is Celebrating Decades of Success in Style with the 2014 500 - 1957 Edition

The view from the top is great and few folks that have made it there will tell you any different. Now that the FIAT 500 is catching all sorts of attention in and around Westbury, NY, you might think that the automaker would hit cruise control to really soak in that aforementioned vista. Well, as far as the brass is concerned, it's important to remember where you came from, no matter where you are now. So they're going to keep driving forward, albeit with a stylish nod to the past.

Honoring the vehicle that got it all started in Europe decades ago, the automaker is releasing an all new model dubbed the FIAT 500 - 1957 Edition. To get drivers geared up for the release, the creative team hit the archives and dug up the original spot for the FIAT Cinquecento.

Retro is all the rage these days. Accordingly, the new trim will feature tasteful throwbacks left and right. The accented wheels and roof will likely catch your eye first, but once you make your way into the accommodating cabin you'll note a two-tone leather theme that really ties it all together.

Of course, there's no denying the progress that's been made through the years. Fortunately, the new 500 - 1957 Edition will also feature the efficiency you crave and the peppy performance that you've come to expect from this outfit.

For more information about what's heading our way, or to check out what's already available from our favorite Italian automaker, just stop into the FIAT of Westbury showroom and our team can cover it all with you today.

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