2 Guys, 7 days, 1200 Miles: the FIAT Open Road Challenge Strikes Again

Few brands have inspired as much enthusiasm and devotion as FIAT has in recent years. And while the best way to tap into that energy is to hop behind the wheel of a new FIAT, that's an event that only a few folks can enjoy together, at once. So our favorite automaker decided to bring the experience of packing up and hitting the road to the entire world through a series of Open Road Challenges.

Check out the latest installment featuring members of Stuck in Ohio productions and the FIAT 500L.

If those sights and sounds got you revved up to hit the open road outside of Manhattan, NY, we can certainly understand. But just make sure you don't head out of town without stopping by FIAT of Westbury first. After all, you've got to get your hands on a 500L before you start inviting your buddies along for a late summer road trip. 

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