There are no shortage of reasons to make your home in New York City, NY. It's the greatest city in the world, namely because everything you could possibly want to see or do is packed into one beating heart of a hub. Of course, life in this city moves quickly, so to keep up with the pace, we recommend driving a new FIAT in Manhattan.

If you really want to kick it into high gear, the track-inspired FIAT 500 Abarth is the perfect pick. Nimble and fast, this coupe is equipped to hit the street with a full head of steam. And now, we've learned that the performance you crave is even easier to access thanks to the new six-speed automatic transmission that you'll find in the 2015 500 Abarth. Learn a bit more about the powertrain in the quick clip below.

We'll have more updates about the newcomer right here on the FIAT of Westbury blog. In the meantime, feel free to visit our showroom to get a feel for the style and speed that we currently have on display.
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