Manhattan Celebrates the 57th Anniversary of the FIAT 500 in Fitting Fashion

New FIAT vehicles started turning up in Manhattan in 2011. Although, the FIAT 500 is still relatively new to us in New York, this model has deep roots in the old country. As a matter of fact, July 4, 2014, marked the 57th Anniversary of the original Cinquecento hitting the road in Italy. For fun, you can check out the original ad below.

Making things even more interesting, it has been 57 years since the 1957 500 first took to the streets. And anything worth celebrating is worth celebrating right as far as we're concerned. Accordingly, our favorite Italian automaker went ahead and rolled out the FIAT 500 - 1957 Edition to mark the momentous occasion.

Of course, you don't need special badging or a retro theme to make a statement when you're on the road. The 500 that we proudly have displayed at FIAT of Westbury gets its fair share of attention all 7 days a week. To take your place in a long line of Italian innovation, visit our dealership and we can get you behind the wheel, too.

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