Bring a Little European History to Long Island with the FIAT 500 Abarth

It's no secret that our brand hails from Italy. Even if we didn't advertise it, that sexy style that we're known for has an unmistakable European flair. That being said, the tradition of performance that lives in the FIAT 500 Abarth traces its roots back to another nation across the pond. Check out the clip below to learn a bit about where the iconic Scorpion insignia comes from.

Karl Abarth was born in Austria way back in 1908 and he was, indeed, a Scorpio. However, even if he did have his cards read, we don't think anyone could have predicted the legacy that he would establish in the racing world. Nor would many early 20th Century automotive enthusiasts have anticipated his sign crossing the Atlantic in a distinctly Italian package, but we're certainly glad it did.

These days the Scorpion is tearing it up all around Westbury, NY, bringing the style and performance that you'd expect from the iconic nameplate. To see it in action for yourself, visit FIAT of Westbury and we can set you up behind the wheel of a 500 Abarth today.   

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