The FIAT 500L is Prepped to Take Long Island by Storm with Blockbuster Trailer

When you've got a new FIAT on the road in Long Island, you're going to get a little more attention than the other guys. Our brand's sleek looks and distinct styling tend to garner all kinds of head turns and longing looks. Nine times out of ten that's a big-time bonus, except, of course, when Godzilla happens to be in town. Check out the fun trailer below to see what we're hinting at.

Man, that guy can really put a damper on a good time. Fortunately, the FIAT 500L has enough oomph to stand up to any road in Westbury, NY. And with all the passenger space and cargo capacity that this hatchback provides, you can be better-prepared than a pack of boy scouts every time you start the engine. Plus, its fuel efficient powertrain will make sure that you keep on cruising for 33 miles per gallon.

To see exactly how accommodating this ride can be, visit Southern FIAT of Westbury. Our sales team can cover all of the stats and interior dimensions with you. And if you like what you hear, we can set you up behind the wheel and head out on a thrilling test drive today.

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